All the services to manage your club on a single platform

Tifo offers a complete sports and financial management service to clubs and associations of all sizes. With Tifo, share your news, organize events

The all-in-one solution for clubs

Find on a single application all the tools you need to better manage your association and develop your entity’s income.


Adapted services for each user

Presidents and Treasurers

Thanks to Tifo, efficiently manage finances and control the expenses of your structure, whatever its size. size, to focus on the essentials.


The Tifo application allows coaches to easily interact with their players for the organization of training and matches.

Players and licensees

Tifo offers club members a total experience via a mobile application, which combines practical tools and services payment.


From the Tifo mobile application, simply follow your child’s schedule and performance. Never miss a single important event or travel for a canceled training session. Your child is independent but you are in control.

Features that meet all your needs

A complete tool to manage the administration of your club and put an end to Excel tables

Access to the club, sports facilities, management of members and teams, collection of memberships…

Features that meet all your needs

An application to energize your community and benefit from fluid organization

Event creation, shared calendar, posting messages, sharing photos…

A service that makes life easier for members and enhances their performance

Training invitations, match results, statistics…

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At Tifo, we help clubs reveal and exploit 100% of their potential


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